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World-class eCommerce Website Development

Are you an eCommerce company trying to grow your business? Are your customers getting lost in the ever-increasing maze of products, impacting your sales? We are an eCommerce solutions provider that designs, implements and manages digital processes to help streamline data curation. Our team specialises in managing the piles of data generated by product SKUs, helping to organise and simplify website navigation to attract more customers, and making it easier – and quicker – for them to find the products they’re after.

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Our Services

Enabling Better Science

Enabling Better Science

Life Science research relies on the provision of high-quality products and services. Suppliers need to ensure that their product offerings are easily accessible, searchable and informative with detailed product information. TDI has assisted many such suppliers in creating stable back-end solutions and powerful front-end websites.

Automation & Data Curation

Automation & Data Curation

Suppliers have a large amount of product data that needs to be organised and categorised. Manual processing of data is time consuming and error-prone. TDI has automated many of the processes in product data curation, importing and exporting to ensure standardised workflows.


Enabling Business Solutions

eCommerce enabled websites are a mandatory part of the sales process for any manufacturer. In addition to simple online ordering, various other requirements need to be considered, such as integration with accounting software, exporting order data to a shipping company, tracking customer data on the website or importing customer data into a CRM solution. TDI can assist with all these requirements.

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